All persons are invited to apply for any positions listed for ‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School. An application must be submitted for each new position of interest to the applicant, as NAGK School does not maintain a list of previous applicants.

Current Job Postings: (Click posting title to expand):

We are always looking for on-call staff! See list below! Or check back for new postings when they become available!

All Applicants must sign an Applicant’s Declaration


On-Going Postings:

On-Call Positions:
(Criminal Record Check is required!)
  • On-Call Teachers (certified)
  • On-Call Education Assistant
  • On-Call Administrative Clerk
  • On-Call School Bus Drivers (Class 2)
  • On-Call Custodian

Contact our administration office for more information:
Tel: 250-615-2844