School Bus #02 February 14, 2020 AFTER SCHOOL ONLY

February 14, 2020
Ama Sah NAGK Parents and Students:
Tomorrow AFTERNOON only we will be using the school van to do after school run for the in town run (Jaron’s Run). We will have Patti driving tomorrow!
We also have a few other dates that Jaron will be away and Patti will be using the school van to do transport, but we will notify parents and students when those dates get closer.
Because we are using the van we will be doing the in-town transport in 2 parts like last year. We will be keeping the same bus stops we have been using this year, just different times.
Here is the schedule we will be using tomorrow AFTERNOON:
1st Run:
4804 Lazelle Ave (Across from Bowling Ally)
2nd Run:
Pear St. (Muks-Kum-Ol Housing)
Kalum Gardens (Scott St.)
Please note that times may vary for drop off times
NAGK Transportation