RE: NAGK School Update April 22, 2020

Ama Sah NAGK Students and parents

At this time, there has been no dates given for students to physically return to school. We will continue to announce updates given to us from the Ministry of Education and the Government of BC RE: Students returning to school.

For now our teaching staff will continue to work with parents and students to continue distant learning. We are asking for parents to keep in contact with their child(ren)’s teacher to ensure they are receiving the lessons their child(ren) need to continue learning from home.

We will announce when/if we are able to return to school for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year once we hear from the Ministry of Education and the Government of BC. We will also announce when students are able to pick up their belongings from the school. At this time Kitsumkalum is still closed off to non-residences, so we are not able to set a date and time for students to pick up their belongings.

T’oyaxsut’nüün (Thank-you) to everyone for being patient with ‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School Staff as we are doing our best to ensure students of the school are continuing their education!

Stay safe, and stay strong!

NAGK Staff