2020-2021 Bus Schedule

Monday will be our first day of school for those who are scheduled for the Monday and Tuesday schedule! Then Thursday will be first day for the other set of students!
We are very excited to see the student’s returning to NAGK!
Our pick up/drop off times will be remaining the same from last years schedule, for now 🙂
NAGK is making it mandatory for students, who are taking transport to school, to be wearing face masks while on transport! If your child does not have a mask to wear we will be able to supply a mask once for a student, but we are asking for students/parents to supply their own or they will not be allowed on transport.
Bus drivers will have hand sanitizer with them to squirt some in students hands before they get on the bus. We also will be getting a temperature check gun to check their temperatures before they get on the bus as well! We are asking that if your child is not feeling well, please keep them home please as they also will not be allowed on the bus.
Everyone has been assigned a seat and the drivers will be letting student’s know where they will be seated on their first day of school 🙂
If you are unsure which day your child will be attending school, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or EA if you haven’t heard from them 🙂
Thank you to everyone for working with the school as we prepare for the new school year!
NAGK Transport