Student & Family Affordability Fund for NAGK Students

Ama sah Parents, Guardians

Great News!

‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School is pleased to announce that our school will be receiving funding from FISA BC as part of the Student & Family Assistance Fund.  

Each Student of NAGK will have a max budget of $213 – see attached form.  

 Please see the attached document from FISA for a broad list where this funding can be targeted for, before making any purchase. 

 Receipts will need to be submitted to Admin office before reimbursement can be issued.  

 If you are not capable of making a purchase for reimbursement, please let me know and the school will look at other means of payment.  We will figure something out. 

 Forms will also be available at the school office. 

 Have a good afternoon 🙂 

Forms: >> SFAF (Affordability Grant) – FISA Expenditure Criteria 12 2022<<

Forms:  >> Student & Family Affordability Form 12 2022<<



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