Nut FREE School!

Effective immediately: ‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School is now a Nut Free School!

Guidelines for Families

Here’s how you can help your students support their friends:

1. Please do not bring nuts to school. This means no sandwiches, granola bars, treats or other food that contain nuts. We won’t be bringing any food with nuts for lunches, school events or class parties.

2. Be a label detective! Be sure to read the labels on your food to look for traces of nuts.

3. If a friend shares that they have a food allergy, take note. Listen carefully and ask how you can help to support them.

4. If you have a food allergy, inform the school administrative office. They will ensure that the allergy is recorded and your child’s teacher is informed.

5. There are lots of delicious alternatives to peanut butter. Do a taste test! You might be surprised how much you love the creamy deliciousness that soy butter and sun butter add to plain bread.